Enrolling your learners into a course cohort involves two main steps:

  1. Create a Cohort
  2. Enroll Learners

This article covers Step 2, Enroll Learners. Once you have one or more cohorts set up, you are ready to enroll your learners. Follow the Step-by-Step instructions in the sections below. (Refer to Set Up a Class or Cohort for information on creating a cohort.)

Enroll Learners

Follow the steps below to enroll learners into a cohort in TILE Composer.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Create a Batch Import File (.csv)

1. In TILE, you can import learners as a “batch,” or enroll them one-by-one. We recommend using the batch import method to save time. To do this, you need to create a batch import file in .csv format. Here’s an example of what this file looks like:

2. To create your own import file, download the attachment "Import User Template" (at bottom of this article) and then follow the steps below.

3. Once you have the template file, add the learners in your class roster to the file. Next, save your import file in .csv format. Five of the columns in the file are required:

  1. Profile Name. Enter the first and last name for each learner.
  2. Email. Enter the email address for each learner.
  3. Type. This number determines the role the user will have in TILE (e.g., “Learner”). This number should always be ‘1’ for learners.
  4. Associate ID. If your learners have an assigned ID in your LMS, use that. If not, just assign a unique number to each learner (e.g., ‘01’ for learner 1, ‘02’ for learner 2, etc.).
  5. Cohort Code. This code is the trigger that will automatically enroll your learners into the class cohort you created. This must be the same code you entered for the cohort.
TIP: We recommend creating a fake learner in the import file and add your own alternate or temporary email for this learner account. This allows you to test and verify the onboarding process (TILE activation, login password, etc.) from the learner's perspective.

4. Now that you have a .csv import file, you are ready to enroll your learners.

Enroll Learners as a Batch

1. Select Users in the side menu.

2. The Users page opens. Select the Import button.

  1. The Import Users panel opens. Select Browse and then follow the prompts to select the import .csv file you created on your local device.
  2. The contents of your file are displayed in the import preview window. If the data fails to appear, double-check your file to make sure the required columns have data and that it’s saved in .csv format.
  3. If you want all of the learners to have the same password, you can enter it in the Password field. If left blank, each learner will be assigned a randomly-generated password.
  4. Select OK.

3. The learners are added to the Users page, and are enrolled into your course cohort. (You will learn how to verify the enrollment in the “Verify User Enrollment” section.)

Enroll Learners One-by-One

To enroll a single user to the cohort, follow these steps.

1. Enter the learner’s email in the ‘@’ field and then click Register.

2. The learner is added on the Users page. (You will learn how to add them to the cohort in the next section.)

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Verify Learner Enrollment

It’s always a good idea to check and make sure the learners were enrolled into the course and cohort, as you intended.  

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Select Cohorts in the side menu.

2. The Cohorts page opens. Select the Users tab to verify that the learners you imported are listed in your course cohort.

3. If you created a fake learner for testing, go ahead and check the email account for that learner to verify that the TILE activation email was sent.

Finish Single-Learner Enrollment

1. If you registered one or more learners one-at-a-time, you can add them to the cohort here as well. Just select the learner’s email in the ‘Not in this Cohort’ panel, then select the Add button.

2. The learner is added to the cohort.

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